Southpaw The Book by Dennis Sweeney

Southpaw The Book

Southpaw The Book

Southpaw is a rich and deeply compelling novel which time and time again brings the reader face to face with the nature of the human condition. Here, exposed for all to read, are human beings caught in their moments of extremity.

This is not a sober, contemplative book, such as we look for when we take down a volume of Tolstoy. Nor will this story provide an answer to those essential questions about humanity – about life or death –  that have preoccupied the human race for so many millennia. Here is no easy blueprint for surviving the cold truths of universal entropy – no quick guide to deliverance from the darkness that surrounds our fragile and momentary existence on this planet.

But what you will find here is a heart wrenching story that will assist you as you grapple with those inexplicable forces of darkness, as you confront destruction, debilitation, misdirection, inappropriateness and plain fucking bad luck.

Read the excerpts on this site. You’ll find them all in the “Southpaw Category

Then buy the book it’s a bloody good read and will change your view of life!

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